Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How about them new Grey Knights?

So, the Grey Knights are next. Gone will be the Daemonhunters of old, the restricting codex that required you to use the Space Marine codex and the Imperial Guard codex if you wanted to exhaust all the options within.
The Inquisitors made it into the Grey Knights codex! Who'd have thunk it!
The rumours have it that this time around mankind's most elite defenders, the Grey Knights will not be overpriced vanilla Space Marines with Storm Bolters. No, this time they will be awesome!

Two of my gaming buddies, Knut and Illumini, have done a few playtests, using the leaked dex that's floating around. They're not convinced that it's the ultimate cheesefest some people are making it out to be. Paladins with W2 Sv2+/2++ and Feel No Pain is not the way to go, though the rumours were sexy indeed!

The Grey Knights will depend on their Special Characters for most competitive builds (Coteaz comes to mind), but that taking a standard Grand Master also can be made to work pretty well. Also, the Dreadknight is an incredibly solid choice!

In fact, Illumini thinks that any all-comers Grey Knight build will include three Dreadknights. They simply are that good!

A list @ 1750 points:

Grand Master, psycannon, nemesis warding stave

4x Meltagun warrior, 1x Jokaero, 5 Warriors, Chimera
1x Meltagun warrior, 1x Jokaero, 3 Multi-melta Servitors, 6x warrior, Chimera
4x Plasmagun warrior, 1x Jokaero, 5 Warriors, Chimera
4x Plasmagun warrior, 1x Jokaero, 6 Warriors, Chimera

Dreadknight, teleporter, heavy psycannon
Dreadknight, teleporter, heavy psycannon
Dreadknight, teleporter, heavy psycannon

Illumini comments: The Grand Master can give the Scout ability to D3 units (Dreadknights). You then have a massive advantage in the map control department, as they will be firmly in your opponent's face. Coteaz makes it so you are almost immune to getting seized, so you can safely deploy fully forward if you get first turn. Because of the scouting Dreadknights, deploying against this army will be a dangerous prospect indeed. Many opponents will try to reserve their stuff, or find themselves in close combat with three Dreadknights by turn 2 at the latest.

If your opponent reserves his entire army or you are playing Dawn of War, the Dreadknights can get scoring status instead.

The inqisitorial retinues want to roll 2 on the Jokaero chart, making the Meltaguns 24" and the Plasma guns and Multi-meltas 36"!

After testing out this army, Knut had some thoughts about it:
Those Terratrons (Dreadknights) are a royal pain to play against! Even though Illumini had a bit of bad luck on his 4+ invulnerables, they took an incredible beating before going down. In one turn, i shot 15 Fire Dragons,  6 War Walkers with Scatter Lasers and 2 Wave Serpents with Scatter Lasers, and the bastard only lost 2 wounds!

Coteaz is a steal! His ability to shoot at outflankers more or less neutralized my War Walkers in his back field. In a Dawn of War match, where he can deploy far forward, he can pretty much deny an entire flank. And that's not even one of his best abilities!

After a little bit of consideration, Knut fashioned this list @1750:
Grand Master, Nemesis Warding Stave
Librarian, The shrouding, Warp Rift, The Summoning, Might of Titan, Teleport Homer, Nemesis Warding Stave

5 Grey Knight Strike squad, Incinerator
5 Grey Knight Strike squad, Incinerator

Storm Raven, TL-Multi-melta, TL-Lascannon
Storm Raven, TL-Multi-melta, TL-Lascannon

Dreadknight, Teleporter, Heavy Psycannon
Dreadknight, Teleporter, Heavy Psycannon
Dreadknight, Heavy Psycannon

In objective missions, you can get D3 scoring Dreadknights if you want it, so the 2 Troops isn't much of a problem. The Librarian and Grand Master takes a Storm Raven each. The Librarian can use The Summoning and his Teleport Homer to get Dreadknights out of sticky situations if needed.

The Storm Ravens can go Flat Out 24" and still shoot their twin-linked Multi-meltas at enemy armor. If either is shot at, the Librarian can use The Shrouding to give both of them a wonderful 3+ Cover Save.

There you have it, folks! Our first playtest of the leaked Grey Knights codex. It seems very interesting and fairly strong so far. I especially like the Inquisitorial Henchmen! I'm definitively going to get my guys together for this one!