Sunday, January 24, 2010

New units kick older units' butts!

It is very interesting to follow the codices as they evolve. Minute changes are made to existing units, while new units are added. Very rarely is a unit removed from the codex.

Tyranid Gunfex
The Sniperfex - Almost invaluable in the previous codex, unusable in the new one

Following my last post on the codex timeline, I've been thinking about this codex evolution, especially concerning new models. Very often, at least the last few years, something that was crap gets a litte boost, and something that was a no-brainer gets nerfed. It would seem that units that get new models with the codex (Lootas, Battlewagons, TH+SS Terminators, Leman Russes, Carnifexes, Trygons, etc) gets a little edge over other units. (This is clearly not always the case , but I think my point still stands.)

A great marketing ploy, no doubt, but also one that makes it fruitful to try new things. It would be pretty boring if Assault Marines had been a no-brainer choice for the last 15 years. Making new and powerful units is really keeping the game fresh for you veterans out there!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Which race "deserves" the next codex?

If you've been into the 40k hobby for a few years, you'll no doubt have come across some people crying for a new codex for their race. GW updates their codices at their own pace, and expected sales are of course a big factor in deciding which race is next in line for an update.

I have played 40k for over 10 years now. I can field 1500 points or more of any army in the game, except for Orks and Imperial Guard. I have seen three updates to the Space Marine Codex, been overwhelmed by the awesomeness of plastic Necron Warriors, Tyranid Warriors and awaiting releases such as the Land Raider, Rhino MKII and the first Wave Serpent.

When I hear people talk about Tau needing a new codex, I get a little confused. This is because in my mind, the Tau are a pretty new race! Intrigued by this, I set out to make a timeline of GW's codex releases the last 10 years. Behold! (Props to MarcusZ, Turbo_t and jwolf_bols for helping me correct errors in the timeline)

The codices in black are the current ones per April 2010. The red ones are obsolete. (Note that I have not included the Blood Angels PDF release).

As we can plainly see, the "most deserving races" are Necrons, Dark Eldar and the Inquisition (Daemon- and Witch Hunters). Fortunately for you guys, the rumors have it that all these three races will se updates in the next two years. I am really looking forward to getting a glimpse of Jes Goodwin's take on the Dark Eldar!

Scorpion style Defiler conversion - part 2

In August last year, I posted a video showing the start of my most audacious conversion project to date: A scorpion style Defiler. Many of you have been asking me to show how it's coming along.

The project has taken longer than anticipated, mostly due to a brief fascination with the Chaos Daemons codex, and me building a small force of baddies in the mean time.

I've received some comments on the tail, and I will be tilting it a bit forward and replacing the pin with a magnet.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

My 1750 point CSM tournament list

I'm attending a tournament in February, and this is the army I'm taking.

It isn't an ultra-hard competitive army, but is very fun to play. I should be able to do fairly well against most opponents.