Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lone Wolf conversion

I've never given the Lone Wolf any attention before, but recently I've felt more attracted to the idea of a single marine running across the battlefield, trying to die whatever way seems fit. In my lists, the one thing I really struggle with is AV14. Of course I have meltas spread all over my Grey Hunters squads, but I've never liked the idea to use a troop to stop a Land Raider, possibly with a death star unit inside. The 6” melta range makes this unit almost sacrificial in this aspect. So maybe a Lone Wolf in TDA with Chain fist and Storm shield could do the job? With a couple of Fenrisian Wolves he has better chance to reach the enemy. So this will be my configuration. This costs 105 pt, quite expensive for the job. But I had a cool idea for a model, so I had to give it a try.

My inspiration came from the Broodlord-model. I wanted the Lone Wolf to have his arms to the side, howling for the moon. The Wolf Guard box set should have what I need. Well, almost. All the chain fists and storm shields are left hand only. So I had to convert either a left hand shield or chain fist. I chose the latter. I couldn't find any picture of a good conversion, so I made my own, very simple one, from a power fist and the saw from a chain fist Not a smooth conversion, but good enough.

A little bit of green stuff later, and my Broodwolf came to life. Considering the amount of time I spent, and the result, I'm satisfied. The shoulder plates are not perfect, but a bit of paint should cover most of it. Also, the arms are maybe a bit to long. But, hey, Space Marines are not Homo Sapiens, so I don't care. Here's the final result:


Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

500 points doubles at Outland

A few weekends back, me and Briefspite hosted a mini-tournament at Outland Kirkegata in Oslo. 20 guys showed up for the 500 points doubles tournament, much merriness were had by all (or should I say "most").

The highlight of the day was definitively when Carl Gustav realized that his immobile artillery pieces (we allowed Forge World units) couldn't be deployed in Dawn of War. To be fair, we allowed his guys to drag the artillery onto the board and then become immobile for the rest of the game.

In the end, the duo of Norau and Tawaaagh seized the victory by going undefeated through the entire day. Congratulations!