Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Test video: Painting Eldar Rangers

This is just a test video taken with my Fujifilm S7000 digital camera on a tripod. The quality is so-so, but considering this was taken late in the evening with poor lighting, it's not too bad.

Hopefully, I will take some video from the game of 40k I'm playing tonight.

Music: Love and Wonder Club Mix by DJ Earworm


Anonymous said...

hey i was just wondering where you got that paintbrush at and if you know how big it is like 1/8 or what?

Anonymous said...

oh and by the way you probably cant contact me on here because i probably wont be able to find the site again lol so just email me and and i also have some questions on paint schemes i have in my head that im not sure about thanks =)

Xadhoom said...

The brush I'm using in this video is a Winsor & Newton Series 7, size 1. See for more on this remarkable series of paintbrushes.

I got it at KEM (, which is a shop in Oslo, Norway. I normally use sizes 000, 0 and 1 from this series. Note that brush sizes can differ greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.