Sunday, February 04, 2007

Reaver Jetbikes

Reaver Jetbikes
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I recently bought a lot of Dark Eldar miniatures from a regular at GW Oslo. I am now planning to attend Strategikon using a 1700 point Dark Eldar Webway Portal army.

The list looks something like this:
Dark Eldar Dracon w/Incubi retinue
2 Haemonculi w/webway portals
10 Wyches
3 Warp beasts
5 Mandrakes
2x10 Sniper squad
16 Warriors shielding a Haemoculus
5 Reaver Jetbikes
2 Ravagers

The game plan revolves around the Webway portals ensuring that the hard assault elements arrive safely in close combat. The Sniper squads provide fire support against tanks and elite units so that the large warrior squad and one Haemonculus can advance relatively safe.

One portal is deployed as far forward as possible in the second turn. The Mandrakes will try to disrupt units that can threaten the portal carrier, such as light artillery units and snipers. If there is no such threat, they will try to appear as a potential threat to make the portal carrier able to deploy the portal before he is killed.

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