Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Necron Lord and Warriors

Necron Lord and Warriors
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When the Necron army list was released some years ago, my brother immediately started collecting them. He has since stopped playing, so I have adopted his armies. Last year I made his Tyranid army tournament worthy (requiring very little actual work, the list was already very solid), now I am attempting to finish his work on the Necrons.

Currently I have one Lord (pictured), 22 Warriors, 2 Wraiths, 2 Tomb Spyders and 7 Scarab bases painted, and three Destroyers built, but unpainted. The final list will be very Destroyer-heavy, with 10 Destroyers and 3 Heavy Destroyers. It will feature some much needed hand-to-hand elements, but the main emphasis will be 24"-36" shooting at high strength.

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