Friday, August 03, 2012

A little Necrons + Imperial Guard trick

So my brother is getting interested in 40k again. It's pretty much been two whole editions since last time, and we've been talking about Necrons.

Now, we're trying to avoid the whole "let's see what internets says is good" thing, and rather think fresh and out of our own little meta, so to speak. So I thought I'd share a little trick we've come up with.

Space Marine
Psykers! Now helping the metal dudes do their thing. (Photo from THQ Insider)
Ally in an Imperial Guard Detachment and take a Psyker Battle Squad. They have the Psychic Power "Weaken Resolve", which lowers the leadership of an enemy unit by X, where X is the number of Psykers in the Battle Squad. This power has a range of 36".

Then, take a Harbinger of Despair with a Nightmare Shroud and either place it in a Night Scythe or give him a Veil of Darkness to get him close to the enemy. The Nightmare Shroud lets you force a Morale Check on a unit up to 18" away, and it doesn't require a roll to hit or a Psychic Test. It's simply automatic, and you don't have to worry about Snap Shots or anything. As long as the Psyker Battle Squad got their power off, you should see the enemy's most valued unit run away like crazy! (at least 97,2% of the time)

Sure, it doesn't work on Fearless or embarked units. So what? Fearless units you just nuke with Soulstorm and vehicles aren't very hard to get rid of for Gauss-wielding tin cans.

This trick works great against some of the nasty deathstars people like to take. Unfortunately it doesn't work against Draigowing, as the big man is fearless. But against Nob Bikers and units like it, it should work just fine.