Friday, July 27, 2012

Blight Drones

Long time no blogging! This September, I'm going to Invasion in Kristiansand. It's a 1750 point 40k tournament, and my first of 6th edition.

They've pretty much copied Strategikon's rules from previous years, and allow everyone to select units from the Imperial Armour Books. I think this is great, because that allows me to get some sorely needed anti-air without resorting to allies.

Two Blight Drones and a Hell Blade should be enough for most engagements, I think. When Forge World changed the Blight Drone's type from Fast Skimmer to Flyer, they suddenly became awesome!

They have a Battle Cannon or S6 Heavy Flamer to annoy all groundwalkers, and a Reaper Autocannon versus aerial targets. Sure, they are just BS2, but as fliers, they can fire everything and still keep zooming. Add to this that they have a bit of armor and are pretty cheap, and you have a very good little unit that's really a tier 1 unit in the CSM list.

As long as your community allows Imperial Armour, that is.