Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lone Wolf conversion

I've never given the Lone Wolf any attention before, but recently I've felt more attracted to the idea of a single marine running across the battlefield, trying to die whatever way seems fit. In my lists, the one thing I really struggle with is AV14. Of course I have meltas spread all over my Grey Hunters squads, but I've never liked the idea to use a troop to stop a Land Raider, possibly with a death star unit inside. The 6” melta range makes this unit almost sacrificial in this aspect. So maybe a Lone Wolf in TDA with Chain fist and Storm shield could do the job? With a couple of Fenrisian Wolves he has better chance to reach the enemy. So this will be my configuration. This costs 105 pt, quite expensive for the job. But I had a cool idea for a model, so I had to give it a try.

My inspiration came from the Broodlord-model. I wanted the Lone Wolf to have his arms to the side, howling for the moon. The Wolf Guard box set should have what I need. Well, almost. All the chain fists and storm shields are left hand only. So I had to convert either a left hand shield or chain fist. I chose the latter. I couldn't find any picture of a good conversion, so I made my own, very simple one, from a power fist and the saw from a chain fist Not a smooth conversion, but good enough.

A little bit of green stuff later, and my Broodwolf came to life. Considering the amount of time I spent, and the result, I'm satisfied. The shoulder plates are not perfect, but a bit of paint should cover most of it. Also, the arms are maybe a bit to long. But, hey, Space Marines are not Homo Sapiens, so I don't care. Here's the final result:


Oh, and Merry Christmas!