Friday, May 06, 2011

Aftermath of Strategikon 5

The last Strategikon tournament was a great success! We had 41 people this time, which is up from 27 in Strategikon 4.

Eldar Autarch
Eldar Autarch by Bjørn-Erik Hytt

Ork Waaagh
Ork Waaagh by Jon Bjarne Moe Gumø
The secret secondary missions worked great. People were really happy with them, even though we realized they could have needed a bit more play-testing. Some of the missions were very hard, and some were pretty easy. Well, we've tested them now, eh? Over 200 games were played at the tournament, so I guess the first round of tests have shown that the concept works.

Baal Predator
Baal Predator by Morten Fredheim
We played like this: The tournament organizer rolls for mission and deployment, then hands out one secret secondary mission to each player. The primary is worth 3/1/0, and the secondary is worth a single point.

See this post for all the secondary missions.