Friday, March 25, 2011

Video Battle Report: New Grey Knights vs Orks

We got some visitors from another club on our thursday gaming night this time. I played versus Inger Helene from Team Stormbolter, and she had brought her Orks.

She had a pretty good list, with Lootas, a couple of Kans, two Trukks full of Boyz, a largish unit of Koptas, and the big heavy hitter: Ghazghkull Thraka with a lot of Nobs in a Battlewagon. Nice!

I have gotten hold of a copy of the new Grey Knights Codex, and what better to try than a Henchmen-heavy list lead by everyone's favourite inquisitor, Coteaz himself!

My list:
Eversor Assassin
5 Purifiers w/2 Psycannons, 2 Hammers, Rhino
7 Grey Knight Terminators m/Psycannon & Warding Stave
10 Henchmen (3 Crusaders, 5 DC Assassins, 2 Warriors)
10 Henchmen (3 Crusaders, 4 DC Assassins, 3 Warriors w/Meltaguns), Chimera
7 Henchmen (3 Servitors w/Heavy Bolters, Jokaero, 3 Warriors w/Plasma Guns), Chimera w/HK missile
Dreadnought w/Plasma Cannon
Land Raider

We rolled for mission and deployment and got Capture & Control and Pitched Battle. My objective is on the center hill and hers is in the big grey building.

Check out the video battle report for details on the game!