Monday, April 24, 2006

Tyranid Warriors

My brother no longer plays 40K, so I have adopted his Tyranids, promising to give them victories and glory (or whatever the beasts crave). Anyhow, some of the Warriors were not completely painted, so I have taken upon me the arduous task of finishing the army. This constitutes mostly of finishing five Warrior's armour plates, as I have painted their skin and claws earlier.

I have tried to match the armour design as closely as I can, but it is clear to me that there will be some differences. The one on the left is painted by me, the one on the right by my brother.

The army itselft sports 21 Tyranid Warriors, not a very common unit type in most Tyranid forces. I expect some turned heads and very few opponents with experience in handling 42 wounds of Warriors, now immune to insta-killing and with a horrendous amount of Rending attacks. >:]

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